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'I think you enjoyed your spanking a bit too much young man,' she said as she gently stroked his hard cock with her closed hand.James was in heaven as she told him what a naughty boy he was.'And if you break them she will punish you.' She could see James squirming in his chair and she was sure his erection got harder. Penelope heard the front door bang and looked at the clock beside her bed, it was three o'clock in the morning.She then heard James stomp up stairs and go into his room. 'After you've drank your coffee go and have a shower then meet me in the sitting room. Now, before you moved in we discussed the rules of the house didn't we? 'And if you remember I said that if you broke my rules then I would punish you.' Again James nodded silently.Mrs Heather Talbot was telling him that this year saw an above average intake to the university.James was trying to concentrate on what she was saying but it was difficult as his eyes kept wandering over to her exceedingly large breasts. She thought she would have some fun with the young man so she stood up and moved behind her seat to bend down to pick a file from the bottom drawer of her filing cabinet.

'Ow, ow, ow,' he shrieked as the spanking continued getting harder with each slap.She peeled back his foreskin and started to rub the crown of his cock with her thumb. I'm going to....,' he whimpered as he started to cum.Penelope aimed his cock at her skirt as rope after rope spewed from it's end.Two minutes later she heard is door fly open and then the bathroom door slam open before she heard James retching into the toilet. I need to change.' Twenty minutes later a nervous James walked into the sitting room to find Mrs Aston dressed in a tight leather skirt and wearing a cream silk blouse. 'In the early hours of this morning not only did you wake me up with your excessive noise, you threw up in the toilet due to heavy drinking, isn't that correct?Ten minutes later he quietly climbed into bed and passed out. ' James looked up at her and said, 'yes, I'm very sorry.' 'Sorry isn't good enough. You, young man are going to get a good spanking on your bare bottom..' Penelope beckoned him forward and started to undo his belt. He'd never been spanked before and to be spanked by a sexy mature woman filled him with both excitement and dread.

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'Ye.what is it,' James stammered when he realised what she had said. He guessed she would be in her mid fifties, five feet ten inches tall, slim but with large breasts. I will put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom.' She paused to give time for James to realise what she had said and could see him blushing. 'Hello Sis, I think you're right, he does have submissive tendencies.

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