Amature webcam capures

I start by opening all the frames, discarding the blurriest ones, and pasting the best ones over the first image in the series.

Using keyboard shortcuts, I can make quick work of selecting the image (Control A), copying (Control C), pasting (Control V), and closing the now-copied image (Control W).

Sunspots are the easiest to focus on, but filaments and prominences are useful when no significant spots are visible.Soon, however, I purchased a Canon Power Shot A85 point-and-shoot camera.While I can't offer opinions on other camera models for use with the PST, the Canon turned out to be extremely well suited for solar imaging.Photography with the Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST) and digital cameras is relatively easy once some hurdles are crossed.Sky & Telescope assistant editor Sean Walker has developed techniques that take advantage of the resolution of inexpensive digital cameras to capture breathtaking images of the entire solar disk.

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