American girl dating an indian man

I am going to marry the most kind and gentle person I have ever met; the one who consistently resolves our issues like a man ready to take on the role of a husband; not a child who plays games. It’s not an easy road, but the family USUALLY gives-in eventually.Ohhhhh, but they will threaten with all kinds of guilt ridden drama first.My blog stats the Indian man, as if they are this alien subspecies to be poked and prodded by science.“Who are these men so inexperienced in the western dating world, with bright minds and a confused look on their face?For the first time in my life, I can’t wait to get married.I am going to marry the man who kisses my forehead and is not afraid to become my family. “Masala” relationships can be confusing, but it’s not hopeless It’s typical to be kept secret from the family until it’s time for marriage, but is he willing to deal with the pressure for you?

Feel free to contact me, countless women are put through hell because he won’t stand up to his family, culture and traditions.Falling in love with a man from India has been a roller coaster combination of many interesting conversations, arguments, passions and complexities.I wouldn’t trade him for the world though, because he has brightened my disillusioned and tired mind.I belong to a group of about 500 women like us, and I’ve seen it all.If he tells you from the beginning that his family will never accept you…

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The countless stories are absolutely unimaginable to a girl from the west; knowing that falling in love with an Indian guy” plans on marrying me, contrary to what his society thinks.

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