Application note 16 updating mc75i firmware

Smart Server 2.0 SP4 is available as a free download at but can only be installed on a computer with a prior release of the Smart Server 2.0 software. LON 100 e3 Plus or Smart Server 1.0 software, you can purchase a license for the Smart Server 2.2 Software and the software will be provided to you as a software download.

The Smart Server 2.2 software will not run on hardware releases prior to the i.

Use real-time bi-directional communication between Smart Servers and enterprise applications located behind firewalls.

The Smart Servers built-in XMPP client now supports connections where the IP address changes because of lease timeouts, and it is now compatible with Openfire.

See Installing Smart Server 2.2 for instructions on installing the update and verifying that it has been installed.

See the Smart Server 2.2 Users Guide for installation instructions for installing the Smart Server 2.2 software included with Smart Server 2.2 Controller.

The standard resource file set has been updated to Version 14.

Performance of built-in and custom Web pages has been improved.

Rapidly commission networks by disabling data point heartbeats and polling messages.

Optimize the performance of power line repeating channels by disabling the periodic verification of repeating paths.

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