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The area around Van is mountainous and suffers extremes of temperature to which the Van Cat has fully adapted, shedding its long hair for a shorter cooler coat in the summer, and with tufts of hair between its pads to protect its paws from the cold in the winter.The dominance of this region by Lake Van lends credence to the reputation bestowed on the cats of being swimming cats.The only other colors are an amber tail and amber marks to the head.Historic records show the Van cat on cliff-side carvings in the van region from the middle bronze age, especially proliferating in carvings done by Assyria and Urartu, the latter a forebear of the Armenian race.

One tale relates how Turks would capture Armenians, strip them, and stuff them into cloth bags with Van Cats, beating the bag.One of the early records of white, semi-long hair cats with ringed tails and colour on their heads were carvings on jewelry by the Hittites (1600-1200 BC), cousins to the Armenian race.The Urartians (1st millenium BC) who settled in the City of Van (Tushpa) carved ringtail cats on ornaments.The Van cat is considered a rare breed, one of the most beautiful and certainly the most unusual breeds of a cat ever known.Vans have a long history dating back to the earliest records of Van and ancestral Armenia.

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