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"Without going down, you can't rise again," he tells the magazine, adding that it's "ancient history" and feels like it's from "another lifetime." It sounds like the cheating scandal was, in fact, more of a byproduct of Getty's rocky relationship with his famous last name.

"I've gotten more comfortable with who I am, where I come from, and being 'a Getty,'" the multimillionaire says.

When asked about her homewrecking relationship with Balthazar Getty recently, Sienna Miller shockingly didn't tell the reporter to piss off.

She actually admitted to feeling "foolish" for dating the once married man: "I probably seem like not a particularly nice person, not a girl's girl." That's for sure.

My moles tell me she flew to his bedside in New York when he got a bad tummy bug and nursed him back to health – and they chat all the time on the phone.

My source reveals: “Josh and Sienna have a unique bond.

Sienna Miller, who has earned more headlines for her love life than for her acting, might be dating Josh Hartnett.

There were rumors that she and Balthazar Getty (who is still married to his wife Rosetta), broke up in January, but last we saw they were seen kissing at the airport in February.

And the situation I got into was not ideal, but it happened and if I could go back and be more responsible, I would…Well, I probably would be less naive about ignoring the fact that people care.

The source adds: “She has a real chance of hitting the big time again.” But it’s not as if she needs that much help.

The talented blonde is preparing for the release of GI Joe where she’s a leather-clad villain. Then I’m off to Broadway, treading the boards.”, so take the Josh Hartnett bit with a grain of salt.

They understand each other and I wouldn’t be surprised if a relationship blossomed.” Sienna’s aides will be thrilled by the break with Balthazar.

The relationship led to her being branded a home-wrecker and is rumoured to have put an end to her role as Maid Marian in the new Robin Hood movie.

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