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Sure enough, after about a minute or two, the two sides switched - I went from the left to the right and the other person took my side of the screen.

I have idea if this "switching" and "freezing" is happening during recording or play back. Functions: I just installed Evaer software (free trial) - I followed the steps but unsure where to go from here.

Where might I receive instructions on how to do these functions or does Evaer not have these capabilities? Troubleshooting: I was recording to an external hard drive, but the files aren't in the folder I specified. Troubleshooting: I love the "warn the caller the call will be recorded" option...

I am missing important Skype recordings as a result.

It does capture a small bit at the beginning but its garbled and sounds like a robot then completely shuts out.

Please help I use it to record video calls to my kids for court reasons. Troubleshooting: Why is there a delay/mismatch of about 5 seconds between hearing a voice on a video call I recorded, and then seeng that portion of the video on the screen when I play back a recording I made?

What I want to be able to do is to hold split-screen, recorded interviews in both audio & video that I can transfer into a file (MP3 or 4?

) - to share through the corresponding link in social media or to embed into ebook I'm writing, etc.

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So I tried switching back to h.264 and now, no matter what coded I use (I've tried quite a few), when I record a call it doesn't record video - only audio. I would like to use this program but it doesn't seem to work properly. I have Troubleshooting: How to fix the remote video recorded up side down?

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