Dating a bpd woman

In other words, people with healthy personalities have learned that there are times when it is wise and appropriate to fully express a particular emotion.

At other times it is best to regulate or restrict its expression, or to dampen down its intensity.

For persons with Avoidant Personality Disorders, the anxiety they experience in social situations and their fear of being inadequate, rejected, and ridiculed, dominates their emotional life and interferes with their ability to function.

Their high level of anxiety causes them to avoid social situations such as parties and other social gatherings.

These people tend to be rather dramatic in their emotional expression to such an extent they seem to be disingenuous, shallow, and insincere.

Other people will often react to their intense emotional expression with discomfort, and regard the rapidly shifting emotions with a sense of disbelief or distrust.

During interpersonal conflicts they become easily overwhelmed with the intensity of their emotions, and may have a hard time calming down once they are upset.

At other times, people with Borderline Personality Disorder can rapidly shift to the polar opposite and suddenly feel completely disconnected, numb, empty, and detached.

To other people, they seem unfeeling, unresponsive, and insensitive and are thus unlikely candidates for friendships of any sort.However, in contrast to those with Avoidant Personality Disorder who prefer to avoid relationships, people with a Dependent Personality Disorder are preoccupied with fears of being alone, fears of separation and abandonment, and fears of not being taken care of by others.Their anxiety over the possibility of losing important caregivers and their fear of being unable to take care of themselves can make it very difficult for them to stand up for themselves.Consequently, they may tolerate mistreatment, and avoid conflict at the expense of their dignity and self-respect.The Borderline Personality Disorder provides an example of the affective pattern of experiencing both emotional extremes; from highly intense and dys-regulated emotions, to the extreme opposite-- feelings of numbness and detachment.

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