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While early sites on some other islands in Polynesia are now beneath water (e.g., the Mulifanua Lapita Pottery site on 'Upolu [Green & Davidson 1967]), the evidence to date indicates that early sites in American Samoa will be found on the shores of prehistoric embankments that have subsequently filled in with sand.

No sites from this period are listed on the National Register, although the two mentioned above both meet National Register Criteria A and D. However, recent research by Clark in 'Aoa valley has revealed pottery in stratigraphic contexts dating as late as the 16th century (Clark & Michlovic 1996). 3 requires further definition in the study of Samoan prehistory before typical site types can be discussed.

One of the large quarries, Tatagamatau, is listed on the National Register and two others are being nominated.

Basalt from Tutuila has been found in Taumako, Tokelau, Fiji, Western Samoa, the Manu'a Islands (Best The quarries continued to be utilized into the early historic period, when iron tools introduced by Europeans began to replace the locally made stone tools.

It has been conventionally accepted that pottery manufacture ceased in Samoa sometime shortly after A. 300 (see Clark & Michlovic 1996 for a summary of the conventional view; A. To date 4 large and about 6 smaller quarries have been identified on Tutuila Island.Polishing the adzes was a final step in their production; large basalt boulders were used for this finishing.Boulders used for this activity generally have smooth dish-shaped concave areas on them and sometimes grooves in which the adz bits were sharpened.He and his followers had a profound impact on the Samoans and their culture.The National Register sites Atauloma Girl's School and Fagalele Boy's School at the western end of Tutuila were built by the LMS for the education of Samoan children in Christian life.

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