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For over 40 years, DAB has been a main player in the sector of the technologies for the movement and management of our most precious resource, water.

Step 1: Strap yourself in to the manliest machine you can find.

Packo Pumps is originally researcher, designer and manufacturer of sustainable and innovative industrial pumps.

On the pumping rods threaded elements and couplings is applied preservation grease and protective elements are installed. In the packages rods are recorded in the special support assembly that prevents rods distortion and their contact with each other during transportation and storage.

Each package has passport, which contains a data on the manufacturer, the rods quantity in the package, class (strength group) and release date.

NTS-Leader provides services for pumping rods repair that were in operation on automated processing equipment complexes.

During the primary visual inspection of pumping rods are usually revealed unacceptable defects visible to the naked eye: breakages, deep mechanical damages, collar and rod surface damages more than acceptable, out-of-limit rods distortion that make them non-repairable.

The hydraulic fracturing process is largely governed by the layer's stress condition.Our pumps rank among the best of the world when it comes to hygiene and cleanability. The following questions are considered: what is the size of the P-disruptive pressure; what is the dependence of the injection fluid from differential pressure after formation fracturing; how far does the induced break spread and what is the dependence of crack width and its volume from pressure drop across crack and layer; what is the influence of breakdown fluid's viscosity on the cracking mechanism and its sizes?The outing began, as so many of Putin's man dates do, with a purposeful stroll through lush greenery. Having satisfied their daily manliness quota, the pair shed their scowls and smiled while clinking gold-rimmed tea cups to celebrate another perfect man date.Putin, fresh off an underwater jaunt in a submarine for sport and/or PR, dressed to impress with sweats, a presidential plain white T-shirt, gloves (he has sensitive hands, ok? Medvedev imitated the look, but missed the memo about the gloves; instead he wore a bulky stopwatch. Once inside the fitness facility, Putin offered his protege a master's class in how to workout like a Russian leader. Perhaps Medvedev will take the many lessons he learned on this memorable day and use them to find some measure of Putin's success in hunting, hockey, horseback riding, deep sea submersions and race-car driving.

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Markings on the pumping rods applied by the shock pulse method.

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