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So, for the longest time, I subconsciously believed that if a person could not financially provide for me, they were not good enough for me. Yes, I do expect for my partner to create a stable environment for our family and contribute financially.However, now I understand the phrase to mean so much more than finances.With renewed spaces, health, creativity, and connection, it's time to get clear on what you want.

Here is where we give birth to the “dating checklist.” The internal checklist that is conceived as a result of no longer wanting to give ourselves to any man or woman who will not produce the outcome of a “happily ever after.” For some men and women, the dating list of requirements needs to be scratched completely. If you MUST have a checklist, here’s how to draft one: Detox your mind of other people’s opinions.Keep this list somewhere safe and rest in the comfort that you have clarity about what's most important to you.This will help you recognize it faster when you find it.We use an assortment of tactics to try and eliminate the weak, most of the time disqualifying a potential mate before they have even had an adequate opportunity to pursue us.Tragically, even the most promising contestants can’t withstand, and soon we are left with no contestants to compete in our games.

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