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To want sex means your body is working as it should, with it’s hormone levels optimal and working efficiently.

It shouldn’t be on your brain every waking hour of the day, that’s psychotic, you’ll get no work done. So you want sex, but there’s none to be had with a lady so you open the ol’ computer up and start searching.

(Note: I know there are more than a few guys at work who opened this blog, saw the title of this post, got extremely embarrassed and closed the browser as soon as possible.

Sorry guys, but sometimes you gotta eat a little shit.

If HR comes by to have a talk with you you can look the Devil in the eye and see what you've sold your soul to.) We could be PC and pretend masturbating and internet porn don't exist, but they do.

And there is a very big problem with internet porn.

What results is the release of a wonderful chemical that your body naturally produces called dopamine.

Internet porn is a succubus whore from Hell intent on draining you of your vital seed, your testosterone, your energy, and your desire to succeed and conquer.

Or, to put it mildly, masturbating to internet porn does not do a body good. The access to endless variety of porn causes you to constantly search for the “perfect” scene.

I don't need a science article to tell me that, I know it to be true from experience.

7) After you stop masturbating to internet porn you will become calmer, more rational, and less anxious – Again, straight from the horses mouth.

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  1. Mr Kent said Magee, then aged 54, used his computer to download child pornography on 36 occasions and once to make it available using the "Limewire" peer-to-peer file sharing program between January and September 2009.