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After her death, a relative feared that their family would be engulfed by scandal if any of these books ever came to light and decided to board them up behind a panel at the family home.They lay undiscovered for more than a century until they were found by chance during building work.But when Eliza suffered a nervous breakdown, Anne developed into a serial seducer. By the age of 21, she had entered into a relationship with a wealthy heiress, Isabella Norcliffe.Always keen to better herself, Anne loved this older woman's social standing and was intrigued by tales of her European travels - but put off by her excessive drinking.

Anne - who referred to Eliza as 'her husband' - was clearly already yearning for a lesbian relationship which would have the longevity and intimacy of marriage.She wanted to be accepted openly for what she was: a woman who would never fall in love with a man, a woman who was entranced by young girls.Most strikingly of all, she was a woman who wanted to act like a man - in her private and public life.Mariana called Anne 'Fred' and, in turn, Anne was bowled over by Mariana's femininity.The pair embarked on a passionate affair, leading to a smattering of 'Xs' being recorded in the diary.

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