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Although her opposition may anger you, show her that you're a young adult and can take her differing opinions into consideration.

For example, if you tell Mom that your new girlfriend wants you to spend Saturday nights with her instead of going to your weekly family dinner, don't turn Mom's disagreement into World War III.

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For example, if Mom says that you can date when you are 16, and you're only 14, don't tell her that it's time.

Your first dating discussion -- when you tell her that you are in fact going out on a real date -- should only happen after you meet your mom's age requirements.

When it comes to having a talk with your dad, you must remember that : the stage of wanting her first boyfriend, getting her first kiss or really just the first time she's into a boy.

Tell her about your date -- who he is, how you met him, how long you've been talking to him, what grade he's in or any other important information -- along with the logistics about where you're going and when.

If this is your first "boyfriend," give your mom details about what you feel a relationship means to you as a teenager, how much time you spend with your guy and any plans that the two of you have for the future such as going to prom together or working at the same summer job.

Make sure you tell him what is going on clearly and how you exactly feel – and about it.

This will not only help both of you get on the same page regarding boyfriends and relationships but it may also create a stronger bond between you.

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If you're old enough to have a boy or girlfriend, you're also old enough to carry on a mature conversation with mom.

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