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Many pursue post-graduate education to fill the gaps and…Read More It’s worth wondering whether Srikant Vemparala walks around the offices at 9Logic Technologies saying “argh” all day.

Read More Nell Shamrell-Harrington isn’t your typical software engineer.

About the book: "Jerk Radar: How to Stop a Bad Relationship Before It Starts," by Stephen T. Those in longer-term relationships who feel scared or intimidated by a partner, or trapped and unable to get away from such a partner, he writes, should call the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Hotline, 800-799-7233; or find help through the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence.

We asked Mc Crea to share 10 tips for avoiding The Jerk: 1) Go slowly: Most jerks rush to get you involved and committed because it gives them more control over you. If he wants to see you every night, tell him you’ll only see him on the weekend. A jerk often will try to argue, pressure or manipulate you into changing your mind.

7) Check his reputation: Talk to friends, family or even former girlfriends.

If he’s had lots of stormy relationships, has a reputation for anger, has been a womanizer, frequently loses jobs or has been in and out of prison, you’re probably buying trouble.

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After all, the co-founder and president of the young company has been devoting…

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