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But it’s all too smooth, it makes driving the XC60 a comprehensively passive experience.Like Volvo is doing all it can to wean us off any joy whatsoever gained from interacting with a steering wheel, gear stick or foot pedals.Is it that we, Generation X (ie, those of us born from the mid-Sixties to early Seventies), have now successfully completed our takeover of the middle-aged, comfortable, contented kingdom from the baby-boomers?Or simply that the word contemporary is an effective way of denying that, post thirtysomething, we are the grown-ups now and therefore need to start acting as such?When cars are wonderful to drive, you simply invite them on to the dance floor and let the magic happen. Volvo proudly declares that all XC60s sport three new features (steer assist, oncoming lane mitigation and blind spot information system with steer assist) which ‘represent clear steps in our work towards fully autonomous cars’.Which in my book translates as: ‘We have no long-term interest whatsoever in what it’s like for a human being to drive our cars.’ In which case, congratulations, because that’s precisely what it already feels like.Rating: Today I’m off to Hyde Park to help present our final outdoor shindig of the year, Radio 2’s Festival In A Day.

It’s time for all manufacturers to admit that, as beautiful and attractive as touch screens may be, they do not work nearly as well in practice as a simple manual dial.So there we are, a solid four stars out of five thus far. Well, I’m not sure I need go any further other than to say the following: I have never felt more like a steering-wheel attendant rather than an actual driver in any car since I passed my driving test.When cars are terrible to drive you have to bully them into doing what you want.And as well as having more storage bins, cubby holes, boxes and pockets than most walk-in wardrobes, there’s also bags of room for us homo sapiens in the front and the back. As kitchens sell houses, consoles sell cars, which means that major attention must be paid to that all-important infotainment and connectivity system.The first thing that impressed me was the colourful, easy-to-follow guide – far less terrifying than the usual Bible-thick instruction book.

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Driving a Volvo has become akin to sitting down to do your favourite crossword but then being rendered obsolete as each answer magically materialises in front of you – in perfect numerical order, starting with one across.

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