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“But he said that if he did, he knew we’d be OK.” Thanks to the support of a large extended family, “phenomenal” nanny and fellow members in the “Widows Wine Club” she formed, Thorp and her two daughters – Regan, 12 and Ryan, 4 – are adjusting to life without dad and making it a point to openly and regularly talk about the special guy they love and miss so dearly.

Judith Burdick, a psychotherapist in Bingham Farms, lost her husband Mark suddenly in 1991 when he was just 35, and she 31.

“I’m still not much good at it,” Ross says of his braiding skills.

When Ross assumed the role of only parent after Kristen’s months-long battle with multiple myeloma took her life way too soon, so many things Kristen customarily took care of fell into his lap. She took care of the girls from a medical standpoint.” For Ross, Kristen’s absence has meant adjusting everything from morning hairdos to after-school activities to deciding what’s best for his daughters – all on his own.

“If a doctor’s appointment comes up, or something at school, it can be challenging to react,” Ross says. Avail yourself of the resources available for your children and for yourself. Get into therapy.” Community support has been crucial to Shireen Johnson, also of Plymouth, who left home on a Monday evening in May 2011 to take in a movie with a visiting friend and came back to find her husband, Matt, unresponsive.

“Any hiccup that comes up has amazing repercussions.” Ross does what he can to be home by 5 p.m. He had died suddenly of an aortic rupture dissection at age 37 while the couple’s young daughters, Leanne and Emma, slept upstairs.

It was absolutely a manifestation of the grief process.

It lands in the body and will express wherever you have a weakness.” And to grieving parents, minor problems can seem major when overwhelmed with their own grief, their kids’ grief and myriad life changes happening around them.

“In our transient society, many young widows and widowers live far away from family and friends,” Clough explains.

But the lack of resources for young widows and widowers compelled her to pursue a career in psychotherapy.

She now counsels patients experiencing grief or loss – and has a large patient population of young widows and widowers, an area she considers one of her specialties.

This was crucial for Johnson – who had no idea how to answer the questions she suspected her daughters would ask or what to expect their reactions to be like. “Leanne, who was 5 at the time, reacted exactly how the counselor said she would.

She asked a few questions and then went off to play.

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I had a Reader’s Digest book about fixing anything. I took my feelings out on this poor guy.” Gunnar Ross has seen so many of the seemingly simple, routine aspects of his life change since Kristen’s death – when he was faced with the new reality of managing a household and the busy schedules of young children solo.

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