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Numerous attempts to speak to Pownall by telephone and in person have been unsuccessful.Thomas Jones and his wife, Gloria, David Jones’ stepmother, have pictures of him and his siblings hanging all over their home.On June 8, Thomas Jones was driving across the Delaware Memorial Bridge, listening to KYW, when he heard that police had fatally shot a man in North Philadelphia. to give a statement when he stopped at a traffic light at Whitaker and Hunting Park Avenues and noticed Jones driving a dirt bike “in a reckless manner.” Pownall drove toward the bike, then got out and stopped Jones, patting him down, police said.Moments later, his wife called his cellphone with the news that it was David. Jones had pleaded guilty to drug-related charges in 20, but those charges do not appear to have played a role in Pownall’s decision to stop him.The gun — which Jones could not have owned legally because of previous felony convictions — later was found on the ground near Pownall, not with the fleeing Jones.In addition to citing Williams-Carney’s 2010 case in demanding that Pownall be fired, activists say a witness’ account of the shooting of Jones throws doubt on the police story, and point to the Jones family’s pain.Activists have invoked Williams-Carney’s name during near-daily disruptions and sit-ins over the shooting death of David Jones, 30, whom Pownall shot June 8 as Jones fled from a pedestrian stop in North Philadelphia.The fallout offers a window into what happens when a police officer fatally shoots someone.

’ ” Terrance pointed out that the gun was on the ground near the dirt bike, which, in his estimation, was 30 to 40 feet from where the bullet struck Jones — and just feet from Terrance and his children in the back of Pownall’s car. Technically we [couldn’t] even probably shield ourselves,” Terrance recalled. Sekou Kinebrew, a police spokesman, declined to comment on Terrance’s version of events, citing the ongoing investigation.

Jones then started running, police said, and Pownall cleared his gun and fired three rounds.

The man in the back of Pownall’s police car has since contradicted some of those details.

They say they want justice for their deceased son, but they also know that nothing will bring him back.

“It feels like somebody stole something from me,” Thomas Jones said. ” He gripped the steering wheel so tightly, he recalled, “I almost ripped it off.” In a statement days after the shooting, police said Pownall was driving a man and two children to the Special Victims Unit around p.m.

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