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I'm not planning to send these guys any nudes." Hey, me either.

But it's still an excellent way to find some of the hottest new material on the site.

The internet is a great place to shake off your shyness, meet new people from around the world, and form friendships with people who share your interests and passions.

Even though it's not the cheapest cam site, there are credit auctions which help you get much MUCH better value for money is new to me, it's pretty cheap for an adult chat site, but I couldn't create a user without buying credits.

Going back to the first menu for a second though, I must say, two options really stuck out to me: T-Shirts and Contests. It seems they have monthly competitions for video and photo submissions.And if you tend to go for certain ethnicities/nationalities then you'll be very pleased to find out that you can search by country, too.Speaking of which, there's also a large number of males and transgender users who have submitted content on the site, and they, too, can be keyed into the search.You will also find misc sites here like cam, dating and porn money making sites but these are in addition to the top 100 sites. This is because we feel it can be relevant sites for many poeple.

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You can even receive messages on your own personal wall ala Facebook.

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