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The whole emphasis should be on communicating your joy and welcoming your guests without actually saying it, although sometimes putting emotions into a statement can invoke feelings of appreciation from your audience.Once you greet your audience appropriately, the next step is to set the tone for the rest of the program.Oftentimes, the gathering may be called to celebrate an event or festival, or even parties like a potluck.Needless to say, you have to adopt a different tone for your speech according to the occasion.

It can be unnerving to step in front of an audience, especially if you're a new priest or a member of the congregation.You have to deliver the speech as per the type of occasion.Sometimes, a gathering may be called to celebrate a birth in the family, whereas, sometimes a service may be called to lament the death of a fellow church member.This is the reason you cannot afford to make a boring welcome speech, as people might anticipate the following program to be equally boring.Once you are done with the drafting of your speech you should start memorizing it.

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He has traveled from a far away city (include this bit to emphasize the visiting priest's importance), to grace us with his presence and share in celebration, the feast of Mother Mary (mention the feast/occasion, if any).

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