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M., Sheila Adams, Sheila Bourelly, Joan Neal, John Lukehart, Aurie Pennick, Terri Johnson and Clarence Wood.Four Types of Racism: Spatial, Institutional, Internalized and Individual 3.For my friends, it was "the way things are." When I got off the train in Union Station, arriving home from my summer in Tennessee, my parents asked me many questions about my weeks away from Chicago.When I talked about my experience on the Memphis bus, they explained that "Jim Crow" laws were wrong.They treated other people as inferior, and God made us all equally valuable.When I asked why we did not have any "Negro" friends, the answer pretty much was the equivalent of "that's the way things are." Both my father and my mother had African American acquaintances from work and other circumstances.

That gap is called "sin," sometimes personal and social, sometimes institutional and structural, sometimes all of these.

The difference that skin color makes struck me forcibly, however, only when my friends took me to downtown Memphis.

In Chicago, when I took the bus with my friends, we always rushed to sit in the very last seat, the long seat that permitted us to look through the back window of the bus as we moved forward.

That evening, the Franciscan priest, who was so kind to me and such a good pastor to my friends, explained the "social customs" in Tennessee.

For me, it was not so much an experience of inequality as of forced separation.

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They spoke well of them, but we never visited each other's homes nor went to one another's family celebrations or wakes.

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