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Miguel almost lost a listener because of how he acted Saturday night. You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.Does this mean someone on the show will be proposed to soon? Holly started the podcast off with a chip on her shoulder about a facebook discussion gone wrong.Miguel brings up an old friend that has gone racist and the show discusses if the HOT Haunted Yacht will turn into a drunken mess.Miguel’s Mom had to confront Holly after a possible diss. Miguel tells of his experience on his cruise, we talk about Holly's dealings with online dating, and how Ryan's joke event idea went viral and is now actually happening. THE FIRST PODCAST WITH OUR BRAND NEW PRODUCER RYAN!We address the situation with Colin Kaepernick, and a video that has surfaced tearing him apart. The Miguel Show Uncensored talks about pride, and shenanigans that ensued. MIGUEL CALLS OUT ONE RYAN’S BEST PHYSICAL FEATURES AND WE FIND OUT WHO HE IS. PETE PRIDE WEEKEND AND WHY HOLLY WILL PROBABLY GET LOST.They become ‘head nodders.’ Many many have been told for many years that they ‘need to listen more’ and although listening to the woman you’re on the date with is highly important, it does not mean that you need to agree and nod your head to every opinion she has.Women love a challenge or alternative point of view that has the ability to shift the interaction into something more intense and meaningful.

You can’t seduce anyone who is not present with you.This not only devalues yourself, but when you try to ‘over please’ someone you can end up stressing them out even more. They often will over do the whole self deprecating routine, by saying things such as: “I bet you can get any guy you want” or “ I really thought you were out of my league” This does not turn the woman on, and it does not help to build attraction at all.Women love to be adored but not when the adoration is handed on a plate to them too soon and not when it involves the other person downplaying their own self-worth.After a few weeks off, Miguel, Holly and Producer Ryan discuss what it's like going through a hurricane.Holly sheds tears over a work situation and Miguel reveals something big from his personal life that happened.

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