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In addition to his command experience and academic work, Mc Raven compiled an impressive record of service in administrative positions, as chief of staff at Naval Special Warfare Group One, with the Chief of Naval Operations, and as assessment director at Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

Mc Raven’s reputation had spread beyond the Navy and throughout the special operations community.

It has been reprinted numerous times, has been translated into several languages, and is studied around the world. Cory Remsburg, USA, speaks with Admiral William Mc Raven, during Remsburg’s 2014 retirement ceremony.His mother was born in Texas, and Mc Raven identifies strongly with the Lone Star State.Young Bill Mc Raven was drawn to the sea at an early age and began scuba diving when he was 13.He had entered as a student of the National Security Affairs program, but soon saw the need for a graduate level program in special operations limited warfare, not just for the Navy, but throughout the armed services.He helped create the school’s Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict curriculum and became the program’s first graduate.

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